3 of the best. We share our most popular lamps.

There’s safety in numbers, so if you’re unsure which lamp should be yours - we’ve curated some of our favourites (and our best-sellers) to help you nail your choice.
Why are they so popular? We’ve got the scoop - so let’s spotlight them and find out what makes them so special. 


Athena lamp in Caper Linen - white speckled base, small: 
Look we know it’s a TV set, but remember the magic of Don and Betty Draper’s home? Golden days of nostalgia, when every piece was artfully collected and placed. Avant-garde and sculptural, Athena conjures those good-time vibes - even more at home in today’s aesthetic. Green - a colour of hope, is evocative of the great outdoors, while the white base brings some freshness to the party. We know you’ll be obsessed with this lamp for years to come. 

Athena lamp in Ochre Linen - black base, large: 
Picture this - you’re in Paris, and you’ve spent a lazy afternoon at the Brancusi studio. It’s one of those times you want to capture the awe and inspiration - modernist art at its best. The Athena brings you back to that moment. Sculptural, simple and timeless. 

Rocket floor lamp in Gold Velvet, large: There’s much to be said for 70s interiors - sophisticated, you’ll be seduced by the sleek lines - and stay for the functionality. Well that’s what we say anyway. With the lustre of gold velvet, tall and proud, this lamp is destined to become the focal point in your room.  

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