The Brand

Testament to mid-century design and European Modernism, Melbourne-based Retro Print Revival (RPR) is an ode to the past, with a twist.

Founded in 2009 by designer Tamara Watts, RPR unashamedly fuses vintage and mid-century inspired design with handcrafted skills for contemporary homes. Featuring sculptural silhouettes mixed with bold prints and patterns, the collection is an expression of enduring style.

A true celebration of Australian design teamed with local craftsmanship, RPR is proudly artisan-made with each element being sourced from the surrounding community, not only preserving quality, but ensuring the carbon footprint is low.

With a focus on sustainable materials, Retro Print Revival aims to responsibly create lamps, planters and vases to be enjoyed for years to come. If you’re looking for functional retro-inspired art pieces - this is where to find them.