Let’s set the mood. 5 lessons in lighting.

The right lighting is pivotal when it comes to your home.

We’re sharing 5 quick tips and tricks to strike the balance and switch up your lighting. 


1. All about ambience: We’re all for multiple light sources, so turn off your ceiling lights and switch on your lamps. With the right lighting you can create a sense of warmth, lift your spirits, feel calmer and be more productive. Play around with the positions of your lamps, change things up to find the sweet spot.


2. The art of layering: The best lit rooms have layered lighting. Invest in a selection of table and floor lamps, accent lighting can be used to highlight artworks, bounce light off mirrors, or up the mood a notch. 


3. Small spaces: Lighting should be part of the decor. Play with proportion - if you don’t have space for a table lamp, a floor lamp can add both light and height, while serving double-duty, injecting a sculptural element to your room. 


4. Light and dark: You don’t want your room to be like it’s under a stadium spotlight. Celebrate moments of lightness and darkness, they create visual interest in a space.


5. It’s art: Maximise the impact of your lighting - and invest in functional artworks. Made in Melbourne, each Retro Print Revival piece is unique and adds a pop of design to your home.


Need help? We can help guide you when it comes to making selections. Tamara, owner of RPR, is also a homewares stylist and visual merchandiser. 



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