Product spotlight - the Athena Lamp

Earthy and sculptural, our Athena lamp draws inspiration from mid-century ceramics and classic styling. Featuring a slightly tapered lampshade and angled ceramic base design, the bold geometric silhouette adds an artistic edge to any room.
The petite sizing suits pride of place on a side table, in a reading nook for a sense of warmth, or placed on a bedside for both form and function. While the sculptural good looks and scaled-up sizing, our large Athena lamp is the perfect addition to a living room, or makes a grand statement in an entryway.
Combining geometric design with organic finishes, the Athena is a true style chameleon, perfectly at home in a range of styles from retro to coastal, classic through to contemporary.
An Australian-made lamp available in three glazes (white-speckled, terracotta-speckled and raw terracotta), the textural finish creates an organic look, evocative of our favourite Brancusi pieces. With a mix of materials and textures creating a timeless appeal, the Athena lamp features a neck and base made from luscious Tasmanian Blackwood - known for its enduring subtle beauty.

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